Frequently Asked Questions

Pixel artwork is very complex but despite this, orders are typically completed and sent to you in 6-8 business days. Please note, during periods of high demand, it can take up to 10 business days.

The finished portrait will be sent to you as PNG (image) file, via email through Dropbox.

Physical copies can be ordered through the Print Your Portrait page on our website. Once you have received your completed digital version, you can select the size and type of print you would like and preview the final product before ordering.

As a UK based company, final transactions are processed in (£) GBP.

We suggest uploading as many supporting photos as possible. The more photos we have, the more accurate our artists can be with your portrait!

We can work with any quality photo but the better the photo, the more accurate our artists can be with your pixel portrait. It's also recommended to send pictures with good lighting, as without it, our artist may miss key details.

Whatever you desire. If you're unsure about what you want, you can always let the artist know through the description notes, and they’ll be more than happy to accommodate and design something fitting for you.

If you want to make changes to your order, please email us straight away at with your request. If the artist has not already completed your order, we are happy to change the requirements of your order.

We want you to love your portrait so if you are not completely satisfied with what you receive, just email us with your feedback and desired changes. Minor revisions are included in the cost you paid so please let us know if you want changes made!

After you have received your portrait through Dropbox you will be contacted by email within 2 days to leave a review. You can also add an image of your portrait to your review to receive an exclusive discount code. All reviews will be posted on our websites Happy Customers page.

If you want something that doesn’t quite fit our order page, just email us with your requirements and we will let you know the cost. We have completed many specific requests before.

No, you will not be. Minor changes to your portrait are included in your order cost. Please note that larger change requests, especially those not detailed in the original order may incur a small fee to cover the time required by the artist to make the changes.